Jerzy Gołosz, In Defence of a Dynamic View of Reality


Jerzy Gołosz
In Defence of a Dynamic View of Reality
ISBN: 978-83-233-5090-3
Liczba stron: 176
Format: 15,5×23 cm
Rok wydania: 2022

This collection of papers defends a dynamic view of reality which is founded on the assumption of the objective existence of the flow of time. The vindication makes use of a metaphysical theory of the flow of time developed by the author which is based on the notion of dynamic existence.

“The topics covered in the book are presented in an exhaustive and complete way. The defended position is presented in many aspects — ontological, methodological and scientific (physical). (…) It will certainly be a valuable contribution to the ongoing discussions on the passage of time, the problem of time asymmetry, and the relationship between the ontology of time and modern physics.”
From the review by Prof. Tomasz Bigaj

JERZY GOŁOSZ is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University. He received his Habilitation in Philosophy from the Jagiellonian University and also holds an MSc in Physics which he obtained at the University of Warsaw. His general interests are in philosophy of science and the metaphysics of time. He has written two books and numerous papers on these topics, with publications in, among others, Axiomathes, Entropy, Erkenntnis, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Journal for General Philosophy of Science, and Logic and Logical Philosophy.